Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Day of Twenty Twenty September: Fall Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

My Fall Capsule Wardrobe...

I'm excited to get started!! As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I only have 15 of my 20 pieces for this Twenty Twenty Wardrobe Remix, and am hoping to get the ones I ordered soon!! But I did segregate all of the ones I had in my closet...

My First Outfit for the Fall Capsule Wardrobe Challenge...

And here I am in the first of my twenty soft autumn, dressing your truth type 3 outfits...

Linking Up Next Week for Your Fall Capsule Outfit Posts...

Starting next Monday at this blog, my Seasonal Color Analysis blog and Claire O'Mara's blog, you can share your own Twenty Twenty outfit posts. Check back here each week for our linkup.

What did you decide to wear today?

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"I thought I didn't feel good in my clothes because I was not my ideal weight. I am still not my ideal weight, but since learning how to dress my truth I feel like I look good. I haven’t felt that way for years. And all thanks to this remarkable new way of seeing myself." –Michelle, posting on Carol Tuttle’s Facebook wall.


Judy Haughton-James said...

Hi Jeanine,
You have some lovely clothes there! I will be wearing a light blue blouse and blue and white skirt today. Blue is one of my favourite colours. Take care and have a good day.

Ali's Answers said...

I bought some new things last night- now I have to organize them. I don't return back to work until Tues- so for today I am rocking a blue summer dress and flip flops. I will post pics on blog later :)

Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Hi Judy! Thanks!! I have never much liked those greens before (except when I was a kid), but I do now. Your outfit sounds great, too!

Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Hi Ali! Ahh, the sound of shopping. Music to my ears :). I'll look forward to seeing your blue summer dress!

Michelle Parker said...

Jeanine -
You look beyond great in the long green vest! I've always felt that I look green in green, but will have to rethink that belief. I believe that I, like you, are a dominate 3 and a secondary 2. I cannot afford the online course, but got the book, dvd and short beauty profiling course, which has helped but frustrated me at the same time.I got your core wardrobe e-book and am taking your e-course. I'm stumped as to colors, style, etc. Don't want to go deeper in credit card debt to get the online course. Any suggestions or ideas?

Ali's Answers said...

What a great outfit. I posted my dress today- nothing special, but can be a lsyering piece. I also went shopping for some new stuff! Looking forward to this challenge!
Thanks for stopping by! :)

Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Hey Michelle! I used to think the same about green. I don't know how that changed but I thought I looked terrible in all warm colors, and now, I know that's not true.

Thanks so much for getting my ebook and ecourse!! I hope you are finding them helpful.

As a type 3, especially one on a budget, I can well understand why you would think twice about taking the course, and just knowing a little about the warm colors you can wear will be powerful. And you can probably get some ideas from watching what I do.

But I have been pouring over everything in the system about type 3 since I found out that that's what I am and there is a ton of helpful information there. There's so much I am trying to pace myself so I don't get overwhelmed!

Not just the online course, but the videotapes of all the monthly club nights they have had since then and the hands-on events just for type 3s. I am soaking it all up as fast as I can!

It's worth it, but if you can't do it now, it will still be there when you're ready. If you want, I can let you know when they are going to have another club night or hands-on event.

At those times, they email all of the people who have purchased a course & ask them what they need to know help with and often, that gets included in the agenda for that night. You also get access to the forum and there is a T3 group whose support I have found invaluable.

By the way, I believe you can purchase the course using 3 monthly payments (that's what I did). I highly recommend it whenever you're able to get it!!

Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Hi Ali! Yay, I'll go look :).

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