Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Capsule Wardrobe with J. Jill Cardigans?

the pleated poppy blog

I’m linking up today with the Pleated Poppy as we share what we have been wearing and I share capsule wardrobe adventures.  

What I Wore Wednesday, just to be clear, does not mean we share what we wore midweek last week. It relates to a challenge for those of who are work-at-home moms, like me, to choose to get dressed more often, rather than just hanging out in pajamas or sweat pants, and then, share pics of what we wore.

Project 333

Because I am involved in the Project 333 90-day capsule wardrobe challenge and am using it to identify my own signature style, getting dressed on any given day is an adventure! I usually try on several outfits before choosing one and I take pictures so that I can share them with you guys, but also because they help me clarify what works and what doesn’t. 

My goal is to create a capsule wardrobe for each season. Click here for another blogger using Project 333 and the wardrobe capsule concept.

I have two capsule wardrobe adventures to share with you today, both involving J. Jill cardigans and the other parts of my uniform this month, tank tops and cropped pants.

Cropped Pants and the J. Jill Cloud Cardigan
One cardigan story is about deciding which tank top to wear with my cloud cardigan from J. Jill and my brown cropped pants from Lands End. I could tell it would be a hot day and I had to go across town to the health food store (the same one where I talked fashion with Goldie Hawn).
So I tried on a couple of outfit combinations and eventually, settled on the outfit in this picture.
Check out the video to see all the combinations I tried.  I definitely chose the right one this time because I would have been even more uncomfortable in the other one.

But it was so hot, I am wondering if I will still be wearing the J. Jill cardigan as part of my capsule wardrobe this summer. I took it off in the car! No pictures of that, thank goodness.

What are you wearing now that you are pretty sure you won't be wearing in the deadly heat of summer? Will you miss it?

Multiple Cardigans
I created combinations with all four of my cropped pants (two from J. Jill, two from Lands End) and a few of my cardigans.

The Outfit I Chose
Brown lace cardi from Roamans
Brown tank top from Woman Within
Grey cropped pants from Lands End

What I Learned

If you’ll notice, in that collage, I am wearing the same cardigan in each picture. And I don’t like any of the outfits. I have never removed the tag from that marble cardigan and it has never made it out the door. It loses in every comparison.
So I have decided to send it back. I am kicking it out of my capsule wardrobe! Apparently, though I quite like heather grey and love the heather grey "wearever" cardi from J. Jill, I don’t like "marble."

What don’t you like in your closet? My suggestion: get rid of it or at least move it to an "I'm not sure!" section in your closet. 

Definitely don't make it part of your capsule wardrobe for summer!

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~ B. said...

You are looking beautiful as always Jeanine! I especially loved your little video~how fun! I've really got to figure out how to get better outfit pictures of myself so I can join the What I Wore Wednesday club too!

Let's see, what don't I like in my closet right now? Um...not sure, I have lots of new stuff since changing things over to my new T1 wardrobe and I'm having lots of fun mixing and matching right now. I do have some old seashell jewelry that doesn't feel quite right anymore colorwise. So probably that! :D

Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

(((B.)))! First of all, definitely join us for What I Wore Wednesday!

And secondly, I love it when people have a hard time thinking of anything they don't like in their closets. Good for you!

And thanks, I'm glad you liked the video.

Leanne Chesser said...

Jeanine, I love the video!!

What don't I like in my closet? Hahaha. The fact that most of it is boring! I really don't like this one beige shirt that's there (totally not a T4 shirt).

Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Hi Leanne! Thanks, I'm so glad you love it.

Beige (and its ilk) is a tough one. I am still experimenting with beiges, khakis, taupes, etc. Some don't work and others aren't quite to my liking.

Maybe I need rich-but-muted? Or rich-but-dusty?It's a fun learning process, though, isn't it?

Carolee Sperry said...

I hate just about everything in my closet!

God bless you for getting dressed up everyday, even when you don't have to!

I am a fashion disaster but I hate being uncomfortable and I'm one of these people that are always getting dirty, so I throw on old sweats or jeans along with a T-shirt.

You saw Goldie? She's such a cutie! How did she look close up? :-)

Visiting from The Blogging Buddies Social Network

Come on home - mom blog
Working at home advice

Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Hi Carolee! That's not good if you really hate almost everything.

Yes, I had a brief conversation with her in a health food store. She was dressed very casually and didn't have much makeup on, but she was beautiful.

Tosin said...

Hello Jeanine,

I love the way you are creative with every material you have your hands on. It goes to show that when we have an expert why bother with being a fashion disaster. lol

Love the video. Awesome work you are doing, Jeanine!


Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Hi Tosin! Thanks so much, I appreciate your feedback.

Yen said...

Hii Jeanine, :D
I enjoyed your video, You look so happiness !!
Awesome work !!!
You might be going to burn my desire each time I drop by, I wanna go shopping with you neh.... lol

Have a fantastic weekend !


Janet Callaway said...

Jeanine, aloha. What a fun video. Thank you.

Living in Hawaii, my wardrobe is pretty much the same year round. And, having worked on removing unworn items from my closet, I really don't have much hanging aroung.

Jeanine, I will say that every time I visit your blog, you do inspire me to do something in my closet. And, no doubt about it, I am making much more use of accessories than I ever did before.

Thx so much for sharing your new adventure with us. Aloha. Janet

Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Hi Yen! I would love to go shopping with you. And you're right, I am very happy to have found the Dressing Your Truth system!

Who would have thought I could find something that would make me feel beautiful again? But I did!

Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Hi Janet! I'm so glad to hear that I inspire you. And to know that you have gotten rid of what you aren't wearing in your closet.

Now you just want to make sure that what's left is what you LOVE and that it loves you back! :)

Jane | Blogging Tips said...

Jeanine, the video was fun. More than anything I always enjoy the "bubbly" you at your blog. I liked the second outfit for its contrast color.


Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Hi Jane! Thanks!! I'm glad you liked both the video and my bubbly self. Yes, I think I sometimes need a little contrast in my outfits.

Nanette Saylor said...

You are just having too much fun!
And I love that you are showcasing your experience so openly. Those clothing challenges are really something.

Thank you for sharing. You made me smile today.
Wishing you well-

goskinnyexpert said...

I'll take the tea but I'll have to pass on the cookies!
Nice blogging!
Stop by mine if you get the chance.

Bob and Rosemary Clarke said...

HI Jeanine,

To be honest, my closet consists of only about 5 shirts and pants that I wear routinely. Working in a hospital, I wear scrubs all day and I'll tell you -- they are NOT the most flattering. Someone really needs to work on the way scrubs fit!

Thanks for the fun post! Your hard work will be rewarded!

Yen said...

Hi Jeanine, :D
I remembered so much fun that ran into at fitting rooms countless times from store to store when I were with friends.
Even if it's just a window shopping.
And of course, play around with closet that we have. and create your own styles.
I am sure you know. (^.^)

Have a energetic day!!!

Yen said...

Create our own styles.
Correct a word :p

Dev said...


Interesting video. Love the work you're doing here. Keep at it.. !

It is good to see you're writing & sharing something different everyday.

Jeanine said...

Nanette, you're so right! I'm having fun, which is how I know I have chosen my blog topic well.

I'm glad to hear that I made you smile!

Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Hi goskinnyexpert! Thanks for stopping by.

Jeanine said...

Hi Bob!

I have never worked at a hospital but I am of the same opinion about scrubs. They have begun to make cuter ones, though, with seasonal designs or patterns that reflect the kind of work they do.

My dental assistant's scrubs are always cute, for instance. But flattering? Well, that's another thing altogether!

Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Hi Yen! It is fun, isn't it? Thanks so much for stopping by.

Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Hi Dev! Thanks so much for your encouragement!! I always appreciate it.

Samantha Bangayan said...

I absolutely love the idea of a capsule wardrobe, Jeanine! I should think about how different tops and bottoms match with each other more. Usually, I have pairs that are set in my mind and I'm not very creative in trying out other combinations. =P

The weird thing about the weather in the Andes is that it can range from burning hot to thunderstorms and chilly air during the day, so I always have to be out in layers to be ready for the unpredictability. =)

Wow! And thanks for reminding me to reassess to my wardrobe as well. There are definitely some items that I'm not using and I might as well donate them! =)

Great post, Jeanine! =)

Lou Barba said...

Hi Jeanine,

I guess, where I come from, this is kind of a for women only type post. I'm like Bob, I have a few clothes that I rotate, mainly I try to stay neat and clean.

Lou Barba

Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Hi Samantha! Thanks!! I'm glad you liked it. I be that would be fun, to go through your closet and create new combinations you hadn't thought of before.

Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Hi Lou! LOL, neat and clean is good. You're probably right, that women are more likely to be interested in this post than men.

But... men need to know how to be sure that the message they are sending with color choice and the outfits they wear, is the one they want to send. That could affect things like job interviews, promotions, etc.

Even getting a date or having a more positive resolution to an argument.

Those things are all gender-free!

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