Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Going Rogue w/ Project 333!

Favorite Outfits...

These two outfits are among the first I have worn since the Six Items or Less challenge ended and I began my full participation in Project 333. I quite like them. Wouldn't call it a favorite, but the one I am posting tomorrow, for What I Wore Wednesdays, is pretty good, too!

Signature Style Insights...

I had forgotten how much I like cropped pants. It makes me wonder if that's what is wrong with my maxi skirts. maybe they need to be a little shorter (tea length). And some are, so we'll see during the dresses and skirts challenge!

Going Rogue!...

So here's what I have decided about Project 333. As I think I mentioned before, I am using it as a road test for my wardrobe, which automatically makes me different from most of the people who participate.

And I think for a full road test, I will need all my accessories: shoes, scarves and jewelry. So I am not limiting any of them during the challenge.

What I will limit is my clothes, themselves! I have chosen 33 pieces of clothing to wear for this project and I intend to limit myself to them until the challenge is over.

I actually have separate plans for May and June...

(1) May: I have four pairs of cropped pants I want to wear during May, with different combinations of cardis and tanks. If I create seven different outfits with each one, that will leave me a few days to spare to try out my new dresses and skirts.

(2) June: I will be doing the Dresses and Skirts challenge in June so will save my skirts and dresses for this month and probably not wearing them at all in may except for any I am not sure about & want to try.

I hope Project 333 purists will forgive the liberties I am taking with this challenge. I am really going rogue and making it my own! :)

How might you challenge yourself in the next couple of months?

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Sherrie Koretke said...

I'm leaning the way you are. I love crop pants. The new maxi dresses and skirts are way too long for me in the summer. Btw, I like the second outfit. :)

Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Hi Sherrie! I always love to hear from you.

You know, I had totally forgotten about them until I bought some and put them on last week. I'll have to test it out, though, with the maxi skirts & dresses. If they turn out to be too long, I'll have to assume that's a secondary influence, because otherwise, long & flowing would work.

Oliver Tausend said...

Hi Jeanine,

I admire your creativity you show on a regular basis, that is amzing. You are staying true to yourself and to your niche. "Dressing my truth" - can't be an accident ;-)

Take care


Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Hi Oliver! Thanks so much!! I really appreciate your comment and feedback.

Janet Callaway said...

Jeanine, aloha. Look forward to following your progress on this new challenge.

Yesterday I told a friend of mine about the 1/3 clothes;2/3 accessories rule. This morning when she came over to visit she told me that after we talked, she spent time going through all of her accessories.

Jeanine, the tidbits you share are having an impact on others besides your immediate readers. It is always such a pleasure to share what I learn from you.

Happy new challenge. Aloha. Janet

Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Hi Janet! How exciting to hear that. Thanks so much for telling me!

Stacy said...

Hi Jeanine,
It must be fun to do all of these dressing challenges. I look forward to reading your posts to see what you are doing and learning.

I need to spice things up myself, I'm getting into a rut of wearing the same outfits over and over. Yet I just bought a bunch of new post-pregnancy clothes which I've barely touched. I guess because I work at home I lost motivation to look my best during the week.


Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Hi Stacy! Yes, they really are fun :).

I felt the same way when my son was small. It seemed pointless to pay attention to how I was dressed. I now wish I had, though, because those years went by in a blur of frumpiness!

Dev said...

Hi Janinie,

Nice post. I never seen a blog in dressing niche. It's good to see you're writing and sharing great info about dressing.

Keep up the good work.


Tosin said...

Hey Jeanine,

It goes to show that creativity can be employed in any given niche.

Be creative enough to carve a niche for yourself, and that is exactly what you have done here with such helpful tips.

Maybe I'd start the one for men. :)

Take care, Jeanine!

RowenaBolo said...

Hi Jeanine,

Wow, you do love challenges! I look forward to learning about your progress. By the way, you mentioned you're not limiting accessories this time, I so wanted to see some photos with your various scarves and shoes. I love outfit #2 too!

See you around social networks =)

- Rowena

Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

@Dev, thanks! And thanks for visiting.

@Tosin, you totally could start one for men! That would be great.

@Rowena, I will be trying out the scarves, I think. And the jewelry.

Samantha Bangayan said...

What a cool idea! I feel like I'm living out Project 333 here in the Andes. =P When I moved here, I brought more amenities, little luxuries and food from Canada, so I ended up having very little space for clothes. =) I totally agree with the idea! It's refreshing to be creative with what clothes I *do* have!

Looking forward to keeping up with you, Jeanine! =)


Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Thanks, Sam! You definitely are living minimally and I admire you for doing so.

Jon said...


My new words/phrases of the day:

maxi shirt
tea length

I don't know what these are but I'm intrigued. Care to educate me?

You have my support going rogue. Go you!


Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

LOLOL, Jon! A "maxi skirt" is a skirt that goes all the way to the floor and "tea length" stops just before the ankle, I believe.

Thanks for your support!!

Jon said...

Thanks for the clarification! You're welcome :)

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