Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Dresses and Skirts 30-Day Wardrobe Challenge

Got any plans for June? Join me for the first ever Dresses and Skirts 30-day wardrobe challenge!

I decided to create this challenge because I noticed that with Six Items or Less, the 30 for 30 Remix and other 30 day wardrobe challenges I participated in, I was focusing a lot of my attention on creating a basic uniform that included pants but was not thinking a lot about my dresses and skirts.
And sometimes when I wore a dress or a skirt, I was none too happy about how the outfit turned out.
Take Easter, for instance! I have decided not to reveal the entire truth about my outfit on that day (just a cropped pic). But let’s just say that I felt like frumpy and matronly and blob-like.

That’s when I knew, for sure, I had better figure out the deal about what works and what doesn’t with my dresses and my skirts. I had planned to do this challenge in July but have now moved it up a month to June. I can’t wait until July!

So if you’re interested, I’d love to have some company in no-pants land. Here’s my plan for the challenge: choose up to 15 dresses and skirts so that you can wear at least two times during the month of June and segregate them in your closet. No pants.
But cardigans, jackets, tanks, shirts, and accessories are UNLIMITED! Doesn’t that sound like the kind of challenge I would create? (Don’t fence me in).

The goal is to identify how you feel in your outfits and answer the following questions for yourself...
(1) What works and what doesn’t?
(2) If it "works," do you love it?
(3) Is there a pattern among the things that work?
I’ve created a Squidoo lens for the challenge you can check out here. And if you’re planning to join me, let me know in the comments here, or there, or on my Facebook page at Discover Your Style.

I’ll be blogging about it in June and would love to hear from you, too, about how it's going in your world.
You in?

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Stella | Free Reports Traffic said...

Hey Jeanine, now this is really a 'challenge' as the name implies. I love dressing in the comfort of pants so much that it sometimes feels odd dressing in skirts and dresses. But then those can look really pretty.

I'm sure a couple of people would love this challenge for a change.

Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Hi Stella! You're right, sometimes pants are easier and more comfortable. But I have got to nail down what workd & what doesn't, so dresses and skirts here I come :).

Gustavo said...

Hi Jeanine,

I like this very much:
(1) What works and what doesn’t?
(2) If it "works," do you love it?
(3) Is there a pattern among the things that work?

Simple and yet powerful simple criteria against indecision that can be use in many situations. I can tell that choosing your wardrobe may easily lead to indecision.

Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Thanks, Gustavo! I guess you're right, that could be used in other ways.

Aurie said...

I'm in :) How fun!!

Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Yay, Aurie! I think it's going to be fun, too. Can't wait!

Stacey Donaldson said...

What a lovely blog! I have been full-figured my entire life and I must admit that I am grateful to the fact that I don't have any skinny memories! LOL I think the fact that you are blogging to help other women feel good about themselves is fablulous!

I just started a new blog (4 days ago) Feel free to stop by!

Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Thanks so much, Stacey! I will head right over to yours, too :).

Oliver Tausend said...

Hi Jeanine,

thanks for sharing this. Are men also allowed to participate in the challenge ?

Take care


Jane | Find All Answers said...

LOL Jeanine could you consider Oliver's request? Jeanine, this seems like a great challenge and will help a lot of women. I am excited to see how you will take your readers through it :)


Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

@Oliver, you participate and I promise to post your pics right here on my blog! :)

@Jane, LOL! Thanks. I am hoping it will help me and anyone else who tries it. It's amazing what can happen from sustained attention to what you are wearing and how you feel about it.

Work With Marcus said...

Hi Jeanine,

I reckon posting pics of Oliver's participation could well lead to your blog becoming virally very hot!! :)

I look forward to reading your feedback stories Jeanine.


RowenaBolo said...

Hi Jeanine,

I couldn't agree with you more on this "I want to become more clear about which dress and skirt styles I love "love me back" the most." I can recall many times I loved a specific dress but it just doesn't love me back he he..

I can see how your chosen pieces are loving you back - it shows in your photos! :-)

Have fun! Looking forward to future photos.

- Rowena

Jon said...


I submitted a comment but I think it had an error. At any rate, I wish you the best in the coming month with your challenge. It's inspiring to see you embrace this passion of yours!


Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Hi Jon! Thanks!! I love that it's inspiring.

Lou Barba said...

Hi Jeanine,

Fashion conscious I am not! I usually bring down the style index wherever I am. Clean and neat is an idea that can't be beat, for anyone, I think.

Lou Barba

Bob and Rosemary Clarke said...

Well Jeanine, fashion is not quite my strong point... I am pretty much a jeans kinda guy, but I like the technique and challenge you've set for your readers!

Rosemary (my wife) is truly fashion conscious, so I will ask her to have a look!

Looking forward to hearing the feedback and reading the stories!


Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Hi Bob! That's okay, I appreciate your support and comments. Maybe I'll get a chance to say hello to Rosemary :).

Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Hi Lou, didn't see your comment at first. Hey, anyone can become more fashion conscious, but you can com visit anytime, even if you're not :).

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