Monday, March 28, 2011

Six Items or Less Begins: My New 30-Day Wardrobe Challenge...

My Six...

Which six would you choose?

The goal for Six Items or Less, a 30 day wardrobe challenge, is to choose six items of clothing, not including outerwear, underwear, pajamas, loungewear, workout clothes or accessories, and wear only them for 30 days.

People choose this challenge for different reasons, some to create a uniform or a signature style. Others to move toward minimalism. Others to challenge their creativity. Etc.

What I realized last week as I was confirming my six choices (I tried them all on again), is that I have a uniform!

It is definitely a secondary motivation to test out a specific combination, cardigan/tank/pants, because I already know that that works. But that's how it turned out this time!

Here are my choices...

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Today's Outfit...

LOVE the combo of blue and brown, and how comfortable it feels. I think this may become one of my favorite outfits!

Do you have a favorite casual outfit?

What I Hope Will Happen...

Here's the thing: dressing your truth is a process! When I did Six Items or Less the last time, I picked at least two items of my six that were really not that into me.

And over the month, my love for them grew cold as well. They were too dark and one was not the right structure/fabrication.What's worse if that my favorite pair of pants, already worn practically into nonexistence, shrank and became what used to be called "highwaters" when I was growing up. Perfect for rain or flooding!

So my hope is that the "magic ball" of my experience will say, "you have chosen wisely!" If each piece is a perfect match not only for a Dressing Your Truth type two, but also for my developing sense of signature style, then this month should feel pretty good. That's my hope!

Could you limit yourself to six pieces of clothing? Would you ever choose a 30 day wardrobe challenge?

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I help plus-sized women who don't feel beautiful in their clothes discover their perfect style & create a closet filled with clothes they love that love them back!

"I thought I didn't feel good in my clothes because I was not my ideal weight. I am still not my ideal weight, but since learning how to dress my truth I feel like I look good. I haven’t felt that way for years. And all thanks to this remarkable new way of seeing myself." –Michelle, posting on Carol Tuttle’s Facebook wall.


Buddy Hodges said...

Jeanine, I like your idea as an exercise to select our priority wardrobe. Maybe it is easier for me as a man. But even my wife seems to naturally choose the same 10% of her clothes 90% of the time.

The problem I see is being willing to let go of the other 90%! Our closets and drawers are over-stuffed with clothes -- most of which we hardly ever wear.

Susan Maricle said...

Hi Jeanine This was a good exercise! Thinking of priorities is never a bad thing. I thought about the stuff in my own wardrobe and realized I do rely on six basic pieces. They are: Black pants, light pink sweater, jeweltone sweater, multitone seersucker jumper, tank top, and short-sleeved blouse or tee. They allow for different looks and color schemes.

Agree with Buddy, letting go is the hardest part. When I give something to the thrift store, that's when I get a yen to wear it.

Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Buddy, you are SO right!!

My closet has been weeded out, but the chair of donation, as I like to call it, is still sitting there filled with the rejects. And every now and then, I glance at the pile and wonder if I was too hasty in letting any of them go?

Should I look them over again just to see? When I give into that, invariably, I find I have made the right choice, so I just need to get them out of there.

Jeanine said...

Hi Susan! Those sound like a good six. Now you're ready to join the next challenge :).

As I commented above, I know what you mean about letting go.

Ronda said...

Wow what a challenge!! I love your 6 pieces, cannot wait to see how creative you can get.

Jeanine said...

Hi Ronda! Thanks! I'm looking forward to playing with them, too.

Work With Marcus said...

Hi Jeanine,

Although I have more clothes than six items I probably don't wear a lot more than six, my favorites. Working from home probably makes this easier to do. So do you think those six items represent my truth?


Jeanine said...

Hi Marcus! I think it's great that you can be comfortable wearing so few items of clothing (and you're not even taking the challenge).

Dressing your truth involves identifying your type so you will know what looks best on you and then, wearing things that honor your type. So I don't know if you are dressing your truth or not.

But most of us don't, most of the time, until we know which type we are. Doing 30 day wardrobe challenges are a good way to practice dressing your truth. They have actually helped me get clearer about what looks best on me!

Aurie said...

Maybe if I start with 20, then pare my way down to 6. It seems extreme and fun at the same time! Looking forward to journeying with you duing this!

Jeanine said...

Hi Aurie! That probably would make it easier.

Or you could do Project 333, which starts on Friday, and get 33 items. Shoes & accessories are included but you could still probably manage more than 20 clothing pieces.

If you want more info about it, just click on my name (with this comment). It's a link to the main website.

It would be fun to have your company (and occasional commiseration if we got bored :))!

Jamie said...

Your taste in cloths is very simular to mine. My closet is full of Lukastyle, JJill, and NY and Co. I love all of them. Since I come from NJ I'm used to spliting up in seasons. I also split up in warm colors and cool colors. I have olive skin, brown eyes, silver hair which tends to put me with cool colors to look best but I don't limit myself. My cool colors (summer) collection is full of grays, blues, eggplant, lavander, black and white. My warm colors (summer) are olive, brown, tan, and off white. My accent colors are almost always lime green or bright blue. I love Cotton Modal/Spandex blends, Yogo-type styling, Tunic tops and comfortable shoes. If I like something, I tend to buy it in several colors. If I really like something, I buy more than one.

Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Hi Jamie! Sounds like we do have similar taste. Have you seen the coral at J.Jill? LOVE!!!

I am trying to think in terms of seasonal wardrobe capsules and colors, too. Working on that right now, as a matter of fact, in my current challenge.

Thanks so much for visiting & commenting!

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