Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse and Winter Solstice

"As we celebrate the powerful alignment of the Winter Solstice, Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse during the hours ahead, we wish everyone special blessings of rebirth during this time of reflection, introspection, transformation, purification, initiation, and enlightenment! This is a wonderful time of celebration to let go of things from the past, and move into peace and communion." –Carol Schultz, Animal Spirit Healing and Education Network (picture courtesy of Ms. Schultz)

What might your heart or soul be ready to let go of today?

Anything you want to offer up to the moon?

I am offering up fear, and limiting beliefs and am open to day to guidance about which ones are ready to go.

Here's another post about the winter solstice and letting go rituals. Lots of good information.

And here's Barbara Biziou offering wisdom and ritual about the winter solstice...

See you next time!

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